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Hello fellow bohemian, welcome to the revolution! This journey started out as a simple passion to share with you one of my greatest discoveries, Gypsy Tonic No. 29!

I’ve spent my life in both creative state and work mode plugging into all different forms of self-expression; some of my favorites are playing guitar, the funk-style of dance known as "popping", and all types of transformational work. I’m always on the go living that gypsy life, and I am excited to share with you my secret of how I keep going and keep creative, whether it’s working, playing, creating or simply recovering.

The Catalyst

Like a lot of Americans from my generation, I grew up on a typical Western diet of microwaveable, fast, processed, refined and modified foods that were stripped of nutrients. In my late teens I started having anaphylactic reactions and developed chronic eczema, adrenal fatigue and foggy thinking. Life became a struggle, but I felt like I could push through my health challenges on sheer willpower and determination.

After years of trying the Western-med approach with no lasting results, I shifted to a natural holistic path, and a whole new world of abundant possibilities opened up to me. Life became awesome again. This is where I discovered the amazing ingredients that are found in Gypsy Tonic No. 29.

An Experience in Alchemy.

As I started making this exotic concoction in my house, I noticed it created a more controlled form of energy and focus, as well as replenishing and boosting my nutrient levels without over-stimulating – generating a productive, creative state of mind, while promoting an overall feel-good vibe and simultaneously nourishing the body. The result, in short—It put me in the zone—It was a short-cut to the coveted state of flow, It was pure alchemy.

 Since then, I’ve been taking it everywhere I go, and it doesn’t leave my side. It goes with me to festivals, to the office, to music and dance studios, and it’s packed in my travel bags when setting out on life’s adventures. It’s my drink of choice when socializing, and it’s my go to when I’m constructing new futures filled with limitless possibilities. It’s motivating, it’s transformational, and it doesn’t have a crash!

Gypsy Tonic is really about YOU,

And how you can have the same advantage I have had over the last few years. Gypsy Tonic was birthed from art, love, will power and an unrelenting drive. It was conceived way before "nootropic" became a buzzword, but yeah it’s just that, and lots of it—for you—because you deserve to create and operate from your best!

I encourage you to grab a bottle of Gypsy Tonic and go for your dreams! As a lover of life and the human spirit, I’m in your corner rooting for you and wishing you the best.

Sincerely and with much Love,

~Brandon Lee Johnson

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