Welcome to the Bohemian Revolution

We live in a world where just about anything is possible and if you dream it up, commit to seeing your vision through, and stay focused, you can shift your dreams into reality.

My name is Brandon and I am part of a Revolution, an uprising, a call to action that began as an internal whisper, a glowing ember that fanned into flame and ignited a life of discovery and wonder. We all have that whisper; for some it’s a call with the force of a war cry while others a faint shout in the distance. We all have a life purpose, a path and a next step.

The Revolution I speak of is You. To have questions like, “What is it that I feel destined for?” and “What is the one thing, that if I accomplished it, would radically change my life for the better?” We are here to support you in your personal uprising, your Personal Revolution.

I created Gypsy Tonic to be a daily tonic that promotes focus and empowers you to go for what is most important in your life, your dreams. It’s a tool to help keep you on track and your spirits high as you walk the path of your life’s journey. It’s also good for jump starting your mornings, hanging with friends and enjoying the lighter side of life. Find your personal balance; and as Shrunken Ned says… “Everything in moderation, even moderation.”

Gypsy Tonic was birthed out of my passion for healthy living, high end super-herbs and superfoods, as well as functional supplements and everything transformational. So grab a bottle and let’s grow together on this amazing journey called life.

At heart I believe we are all creators. Even if you wear a suit and crunch numbers in a cubicle. Your style, your method, your personal touch IS your creation, your magnificent symphony in which you conduct.

This is an invite to the creatives, the type-As, the empaths, the achievers, the life lovers, the lost and the found, the indigo children, the wanderers and business achievers alike.

We invite the young spirits and old souls, the artists and the leaders, the dreamers and the doers, the workers and the partiers. United we stand as one with colorful individuality, our brothers, our sisters, our fellow Revolutionaries.

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Réveiller la passion révolutionnaire,
~Brandon Johnson

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