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Gypsy Tonic No. 29

1. What is Gypsy Tonic?
Gypsy Tonic is an artisan superfood health and energy supplement.

2. What are Superfoods?
Superfoods are antioxidant-rich and nutrient-dense powerhouse foods that pack more of a punch than your average ingredient.

3. What does it do?

This is quite the loaded question. The short answer is: Balances energy levels, promotes focus and contributes towards the sensation of being “In the Zone,” all while detoxing and nourishing your body.

(For a more extensive list, view our “Ingredients” page to see what effects each ingredient contributes to the overall Gypsy Tonic experience.)

4. How much should I drink at a time?
It all depends on what effects you are looking for. For mild detox and mineral, electrolyte and nutrient nourishment, a few ounces throughout the day will do just fine. For the Gypsy Tonic focus and energy buzz, start with 4-8 oz and increase as needed. For optimal results use consistently and daily.

5. What is the Gypsy Tonic buzz like?
A lot depends on what condition your body and mind are in at the moment; (ie. tired, fully energized, healthy, recovering, etc.). If you catch it at the right time, you might-  experience sensations of being in the zone, awareness, mental clarity and focus without the over stimulation of caffeine. If you are using it for recovery, you might experience a grounding sensation and feelings of calmness. Its effects are as unique as you are and benefit everyone differently. We like to say it has an individualized energy response that is specially tailored to your body!

6. What does it taste like?

Gypsy Tonic has a slightly tart chocolate almond flavor profile.

(Even if you’re not a Chocolate lover, we recommend giving Gypsy Tonic a whirl. You’ll probably enjoy the way you feel when drinking this unique supplement.)

7. Is it alcoholic?
Gypsy Tonic is Non-Alcoholic.

8. Do I have to shake it?
Yes. Gypsy Tonic is packed with active ingredients which settle at the bottom. Shake well and check the bottom to see if there is any sediment that is still unmixed.

9. What is Ayurveda? / What are ayurvedic herbs?
Ayurveda is a holistic healing school of thought developed in India thousands of years ago. The teachings include the use of specific herbs to bring the body back into balance. Gypsy Tonic uses two elements from Ayurveda, bacopa and shilajit.

10. What is the difference between Tonics and Elixirs?
“Elixirs and tonics are words that are often used interchangeably, but in fact they’re very different. Elixirs are healing remedies; they address situations of imbalance and symptoms of illness. Tonics, on the other hand, promote overall good health and balance; they fortify your system and keep you feeling fit and well. An elixir is used to treat a headache, or cold, or cramps. A tonic, meanwhile, might be used to improve immunity, boost energy, or relieve chronic stress.” Full article from ecosalon

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